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LogiGear Corporation
LogiGear Corporation has built a reputation for offering the widest range of services in the software testing industry. Be it consulting, training, outsourced testing, or products, we partner with software organizations to create approaches that precisely
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Segue Software is a global leader dedicated to delivering quality optimization solutions that ensure the accuracy and performance of enterprise applications throughout their entire lifecycle.
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TestQuest delivers automated test solutions for virtually any application and device in the pervasive computing industry - from cell phones, PDAs and tablets to devices with embedded technologies including business process systems, smart appliances and au
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QSolve provides full document control capabilities, APQP, internal audits, and nonconformance reporting – a total quality solution. QSolve’s secure, web-based architecture gives you instant online access to quality information via standard web browser
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AutoTester was founded in 1985 and was the first automated test tool company. Since its inception, AutoTester has continually led the automated software testing industry with its innovative and powerful testing tools designed to help customers worldwide w
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Seapine Software
application in
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The Portnov Computer School
The Portnov Computer School is the world's oldest and the largest Software QA school. Because of the high quality of the training offered, it became very popular in San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. high standards in Software QA offer:
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Beta Breakers
The most talented software development teams in the universe are just not disciplined enough to QA their own products. We know that is a strong statement but if history has shown us anything, it has shown us that an experienced and reliable third party qu
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StickyMinds is the information place for software test, management, and quality assurance professionals. Articles, papers, links, books, tools, forum
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AutomatedQA offers software products and services for development and quality assurance projects worldwide.
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Test Run
Test Run is a both a product and a company dedicated to helping others make higher quality software. It strives to provide the easiest to use and most flexible test planning software at a price that will fit any company's budget.
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Compuware DevPartner
Optimize application code and shorten the time to deliver applications with DevPartner.
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Parasoft is the leading provider of innovative solutions that automatically identify and prevent software errors from\\r\\nreoccurring in the development and QA process.\\r\\nFor more than 15 years, this privately held company has delivered easy-to-use, s
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Winperl is a collection of windows dll's, Perl modules, developer U
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Facilita Forecast
Load test your enterprise infrastructure by simulating thousands of users performing realistic user actions.
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SWAT is now able to help software development organizations at all stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC), to ensure that quality is built in from the outset.
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RMTrack is an easy to use and easy to customize issue tracking, bug tracking, and defect tracking application allowing organizations to track and manage software issues and their resolutions. Using RMTrack will provide a significant improvement to your or
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Dynamic Memory Solutions
DMS software is focused on Quality Tools for Software Development. DMS is headquartered in Connecticut, USA and is privately owned.
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MetricStream has emerged as the market leader in software applications for enterprise quality and compliance management.
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Operative Software Products
In 1992, Operative Software Products was founded, with a goal to provide products which aide those most involved in the operational aspects of computer systems. That is how the name Operative was chosen. At the time newly networked PC systems were beginni
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